Program in Detail

Grand Auditorium (East Building 6 Fl.)
Time Title Chairs/Speakers
07:30~08:30 Registration  
09:00~11:15 Plenary Session 3 : Current Update for Pancreas and Islet Transplant Matthew Cooper (US)
Takashi Kenmochi (JP)
09:00~09:30 The Candidate for Pancreas Transplant vs. Islet Transplant Thierry Berney (Switzerland)
09:30~10:00 Islet Transplant Thomas Kay (Australia)
10:00~10:30 Therapeutic Potential of TregL 1+Treg Cells in Graft Rejection Sang Kyou Lee (Korea)
10:30~11:00 Modulation of Host Immunity by Rationally Selected Probiotics Sin Hyeog Im (Korea)
11:00~11:15 Coffee break
11:15~13:30 Session 1 : Islet Transplant Sung Joo Kim (KR)
Shinichi Matsumoto (JP)
11:15~11:45 Engineering of Microcapsules for Overcoming
Barriers for Transplant
Kun Ho Yoon (Korea)
11:45~12:15 History of Islet Encapsulation : Micro and Macro Encapsulation Devices Jonathan RT Lakey (USA)
12:15~12:35 A Novel Subcutaneous Site of Islet Transplantation Superior to the Liver Yohichi Yasunami (Japan)
12:35~12:50 Clinical Islet Transplantation -Kyoto Experiences- Takayuki Anazawa (Japan)
12:50~13:45 Lunch
13:30~16:00 Session 3 : Beta-Cell Biology and Islet Transplant Kwang Won Kim (KR)
Takayuki Anazawa (JP)
13:45~14:00 Imaging of Transplanted Islets Jyuhn-Huarng Juang (Taiwan)
14:00~14:15 Serotonin determines adult β-cell mass by regulating perinatal β-cell proliferation Hail Kim (Korea)
14:15~14:30 Glucotoxicity and CD36 Related Oxidative Stress in Beta Cell Dysfunction Kyu Chang Won (Korea)
14:30~14:45 A Site of Islet Graft that Induces Immune Privilege and Neovascularization Shohta Kodama (Japan)
14:45~15:00 Modified Cell-Permeable JNK
Inhibitors Efficiently Prevent Islet Apoptosis
Hirofumi Noguchi (Japan)
15:00~15:15 Omentum is Another Suitable Place for Islet Transplantation in Mouse Byung Joon Kim (Korea)
15:15~15:30 Current Status and Outcome of Clinical Islet Transplantation in Japan Yuumi Akashi (Japan)
15:30~15:45 Is There Any Need for Total Pancreatectomy with Autologous Islet Transplant in Asia? Epidemiology from Taiwan Chun Chieh Yeh (Taiwan)
15:45~16:00 Coffe Break
16:00-17:30 Session 5 : Pancreas Transplant Matthew Cooper (USA)
Takashi Kenmochi (Japan)
16:00~16:10 Experience of Pancreas Transplantation in National Taiwan University Hospital Ching-Yao Yang (China)
16:10~16:25 Pancreas Transplant & DM Complications Sung Shin (Korea)
16:25~16:40 Preoperative Muscle Volume Predicts Graft
Survival After Pancreas Transplant
Keizo Kaku (Japan)
16:40~16:55 CMV Infection in Pancreas Transplant Shih-Chin Chen (Taiwan)
16:55~17:30 Registry of Asian Pancreas Transplant Representative of Taiwan, Japan and Korea
Auditorium (East Building 6 Fl.)
08:00~09:00 Free Paper Session 1(Pancreas Transplant) Duck Jong Han (Korea)
Sung Shin (Korea)
11:15~12:45 Session 2 : Pancreas Transplant Yi-Ming Shyr (Taiwan)
Soon IL Kim (Korea)
11:15~11:45 Defining Graft Failure in Pancreas and Islet Transplantation Raja Kandaswamy (USA)
11:45~12:05 An Analysis of the Factors that Affect Pancreatic Graft Survival for Improving the
Long-Term Outcomes of Pancreas Transplantation
Taihei Ito (Japan)
12:05~12:25 CMV Infection in Pancreas Transplant Shih-Chin Chen (Taiwan)
12:25~12:45 Pancreas Transplant for Type 2 DM Shin - E Wang (Taiwan)
12:45~13:45 Lunch  
13:45~16:05 Session 4 : Islet- Xenotransplant Eung Soo Hwang (KR)
Shoichiro Sumi (JP)
13:45~14:05 A Novel Approach for Protection of Islets in Xenotransplantation Shoichiro Sumi (Japan)
14:05~14:25 Humoral Immune Response in Islet Xenotransplant Hee Jung Kang (Korea)
14:25~14:45 Role of CD200 and CD47 in Xenogeneic Immune Response Jaeseok Yang (Korea)
14:45~15:05 Monitering of PERV in Xenotransplant Eung Soo Hwang (Korea)
15:05~15:25 Transgenic Miniature Pig Production for Xenotransplant Hyun IL Kim (Korea)
15:25~15:45 Innate Immunity in Xenotransplant Akira Maeda (Japan)
15:45~16:05 Preclinical Study of Islet Xenotransplant in NHP Jun Seop Shin (Korea)
16:05~16:20 Coffe Break
16:20~17:40 Free Paper Session 2 (Islet Transplant) Kun Ho Yoon (Korea)
Byung Joon Kim (Korea)